2019 5th International Symposium on Manufacturing Science and Engineering(ISMSE 2019)

来源:ISMSE 2019


会议名称:2019 5th International Symposium on Manufacturing Science and Engineering(ISMSE 2019)

2019年第五届制造科学与工程国际研讨会(ISMSE 2019)





具体地点:China University of Geosciences(Wuhan)





联系人:Ms. Linda Lee





2019 5th International Symposium on Manufacturing Science and Engineering is organized by Hong Kong Society of Mechanical Engineers( HKSME). The conference will be held in Shanghai, China, from 10 to 12, October, 2019!

The conference is an international symposium for the presentation of technological advances and research results in the fields of Manufacturing Science and Engineering. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. We warmly welcome prospected authors submit your new research papers to ISMSE 2019, and share the valuable experiences with the scientist and scholars around the world.


ISMSE 2019 is now accepting manuscript submissions. Prospective authors are invited to submit their draft paper. The submitted paper should be in PDF format.

The topics of inetest are included below, but not limited to :

01) Composites

02) Nano-Materials

03) Metal Alloys

04) Building Materials

05) Biomaterials

06) Chemical Materials

07) Material Properties, Characterization and Applications

08) Surface Engineering/Coating Technology

09) Machining/Materials forming

10) Nontraditional manufacturing

11) Materials Processing Technology

12) Mechanical Products Design, Mechanical Structures

13) Mechanical Strength and Reliability

14) CAD, CAM, CAE, Computer Modeling and Simulation

15) Production Planning and Scheduling

16) Simulation, Testing, Diagnosis, and Control in Manufacturing

17) Mechanical Vibration and Noise

18) Mechatronics, Industrial Robotics, Automation and Control

19) Engineering Optimization in Manufacturing

20) Thermal in Manufacturing

21) Advanced Numerical Control (NC) Technologies and Equipments

22) Engineering Equipments and Manufacturing