American Society for Composites(ASC)--美国复合材料学会



  ASC was founded in 1986 to provide a communication forum for the engineering and scientific community in composite materials. Our aim is to promote the growth of knowledge from interdisciplinary engineering and scientific research in composite materials. The society's original focus was mainly on high strength, high stiffness materials containing at least two phases: a reinforcing phase and a matrix phase. With the advent of multifunctional composites in recent years, the" reinforcing phase" is commonly replaced or augmented by one or more phases providing sensing, thermal management, electrical conductivity, energy harvesting, and actuation, to name a few examples. Leading edge composite materials and innovative approaches for manufacturing, characterizing, modeling, and implementing them continue to be core strengths of the society.

  The main forum for the society's communication mission is the Annual Technical Conference that is typically held in the months of September or October of each year. ASC conferences are world-renowned for their high technical quality. The technical divisions of the society, currently focused on Analysis &Testing, Durability &Damage Tolerance, Emerging Composites Technologies, and Design &Manufacturing, provide further networking opportunities among colleagues in composites. Interested persons are encouraged to contact the division chairs and get involved. ASC also sponsors four journals: J. Composite Materials, J. Reinforced Plastics &Composites, J. Thermoplastic Composites, and J. Sandwich Structures &Materials. Finally, our website contains upcoming conferences, key society contacts, information on joining ASC, award and scholarship opportunities, operating rules, links for job opportunities, university research centers, and businesses, and archival information on past ASC conferences, proceedings, and award winners.