Department of Materials Science and Engineering,Michigan Technological University--美国密歇根理工大学材料科学与工程系



  The Field of Materials Science and Engineering

  Whether you are driving your car, listening to music on your iPod, calling someone on your cell phone, or flying across the country to visit a relative or friend, materials surround you. The world needs engineers and scientists who understand materials, in order to make them stronger, lighter, safer, greener, and more cost-effective. This is exactly what we do, and you can learn to do it also, with the education and experience we have to offer.

  The World of Materials: As Limitless as Your Imagination

  Our graduates are in great demand and accept positions in diverse industries. Careers are diverse, and you will have the opportunity to put many ideas into action. Bionic limbs, spacecraft, mountain bikes, cell phones, and many more innovations were all made possible by advances in materials science and engineering.

  Discoveries often lead to major technological breakthroughs including

  Nanotechnologies that make computers smaller and faster,

  New materials that allow for energy conversion and storage for a cleaner environment,

  Tough composites that enable athletes to enhance performance,

  Quantum forces that create microscopic silicon chips that wire themselves, and

  Biomaterials that help people live better, longer lives.