Department of Materials Science and Engineering,University of Virginia--维吉尼亚大学材料科学与工程系



  I welcome you to explore the world-class advances and rich opportunities available in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Virginia. We are one of the top graduate education and research departments in this highly ranked public research university. Our strength is derived from the quality and breadth of pioneering work in the integrating discipline of materials science. Accomplishments of our faculty, students, and staff are represented in linked homepages. Breadth across important material functions is established by large internationally renowned groups in nanotechnology, structural metals, electrochemistry, intelligent processing, and engineering physics of solids.

  Overarching are extensive facilities in materials characterization and processing, merged with a focus on mechanism-based and computational modeling. Extensive NSF, DoD, DARPA, NASA, and industry grants enable our work and centers of excellence. Our future is solidified by recent additions to our faculty, as well as newly built Wilsdorf Hall that triples our state-of-the art research space.

  If you want to join us in pursuit of excellence in MSE, consider the opportunities listed for coursework, undergraduate research, graduate assistantships, and post-doctoral positions. If interested in our research results, consider faculty web pages, facilities, and consulting directory. Enjoy the journey and contact me if you have questions.